Kent Tate: Isolated Gestures Preview - Single Channel movie. Moving Images & Music - Kent Tate 12:11

The story for me is in how light contrasts the absence of light in shaping forms within a given frame of time and space. I generally gravitate towards places that reveal the many layers of time, stimulating reflections on all the different life forms that may have existed in a particular location where I've set up my camera and tripod. This is when I imagine worlds that have passed, worlds that are present, and worlds that are yet to be.

Isolated Gestures: Part 1- Calming is the lack of clutter, Part 2- Seeking light suspended, Part 3- Transmissions on a thin line,
Part 4 - Thirst, Part 5 - Super Cell Part 6 - Hunger, Part 7- Vessel in rapture, Part 8 - Hiding in plain view, Part 9 - Invisible tension.

"The very scale, the hugeness of simple forms, emphasizes stability. It is not hills and mountains which should call eternal. Nature abhors an elevation as much as it abhors a vacuum; a hill is no sooner elevated than the forces of erosion begin tearing it down.
These prairies are quiescent, close to static; looked at for any length of time, they begin to impose their awful perfection on the observer’s mind. Eternity is a peneplain.” – Wallace Stegner, Wolf Willow.

Winner of Ruth Shaw award (best of Saskatchewan) & nominated for the Golden Sheaf award (experimental film category) - Yorkton Film Festival. Filmed on location in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada.

Distributed by the Winnipeg Film Group (WFG) Winnipeg, Canada