Kent Tate: Cornucopia Preview: Moving Images & Music - Kent Tate 5:50  CV

Cornucopia is a meditation on how light and the absence of light articulates the the tension between natural and manufactured worlds. I often rely on weather for shaping the narrative with shadows playing a central role in this film. The presence of shadows on any given landscape is primarily determined by three factors: the wind speed, the distance of the clouds from a particular location, and the angle of the Sun in relationship to that location.

In 2018 a mild wet spring created some of the best light conditions I’ve seen in years. The jet stream then suddenly shifted causing conditions to become very hot, dry and hazy. At the end of June a series of thunderstorms rolled through, sparking an other record breaking wildfire season. The wild fires raged until the middle of September when a series of cool fall storms soaked this region, putting an end to the 2018 wildfires.

The interior Plateau of British Columbia is a confluence of volcanism, plate tectonics, and glaciation punctuated by intermittent cycles of fire and droughts. The perennial constant in shaping the plateau is the influence of storms from the Pacific Ocean and the multiple mountain ranges (including the Rockies) that carry glacier silt and other minerals through the myriad of rivers and lakes.

Official selection: 7th Cine Tornado International Film Festival - Curitiba, Brazil 
Official selection: Walthamstow International Film Festival - London, UK
Official Selection: STRANGLOSCOPE - Mostra Internacional, Florianópolis - Brazil
Official Selection: 26th OpenEyes International Filmfest Marburg! Marburg, Germany 

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